What is ‘Psychedified?’

Psychology & Mental Health Awareness

Psychedified was created to help change perceptions, encourage discussions and for sharing resources. It was created for learning, elevation and growth. The aim is for you to become nourished with knowledge. Welcome to the journey!

About Me – The Founder:

  • Hello! My name is Tasnim and I’m a psychology graduate from London. I am currently in the process of navigating myself through an interesting journey into Clinical Psychology. I love that psychology helps to explain many phenomena and allows us to delve deeper into understanding human behaviour. I find human behaviour very fascinating, complex and multifaceted. I love that learning about psychology can allow people to become more self-aware and this can be very positive and transformative
  • I am especially interested in mental health, neuropsychology, health psychology & social psychology
  • Here on my blog as well as raising mental health awareness & discussing psychological phenomena, I would like to document & reflect on my journey as an aspiring Clinical Psychologist and share related posts
  • When I’m not engaged in psychology, I enjoy reading, watching series, being with my loved ones & I am a big fashion enthusiast
  • I hope you enjoy following my imperfect journey & gain something positive